”if u like someone just tell them!!” yeah sure goodbye

(via pizza)

(via pizza)

Naruto 673

  • Gaara: Naruto...when you become Hokage...let's get hella turnt.
  • Naruto: Bitchin'.


the Lannisters always pay their debts, i don’t see why they can’t pay mine too


today on this beautiful morning, i would like to remind you that tobirama and sasuke’s broship is canon and it is better than your ship. have a wonderful day and look both ways before crossing the street~


like it’s not “whoops I’m PREGNANT AGAIN tee hee time for an abortion!!” 

nobody fuckin does that. nobody

it’s more along the lines of

do you want an abortion or do you want to die

do you want an abortion or do you want to watch your baby die after a week

do you want an abortion or do you want your life to fall apart around you because of a child you are either unable or unfit to support

do you want to give up a fetus or a living, breathing baby

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Make me choose : Cleon or Cleve

Leon + hair, Claire + bike, Steve + gun

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